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Loose diamonds of various shapes and sizes on a grey background

Diamond clarity is a measure of the purity of the stone and is graded under 10x magnification, the industry standard for grading. Diamond ‘inclusions’ are internal flaws that affect the sparkle of a stone; the lower the clarity grade, the cloudier a diamond will appear. 98% of gem quality diamonds have flaws, but in fact, these flaws are what make each stone unique and individual.


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) standard for a SI1 clarity grade means the inclusions can be seen under a 10x magnification but not the naked eye. Which is great!


As a general rule, a diamond adorning a piece of Chloe May jewellery won’t be below the grade of SI1 clarity. However, some inclusions can be very well positioned, almost hidden in the stone depending on the cut, so with my guidance you can select a cost-effective grade of clarity. 


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