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Ring Sizer Set

Ring Sizer Set


If you would like to double check the finger size you need for the ring you would like to purchase, this ring sizer and mandrel set will help you.


Using the rings try them on the chosen finger making sure that it is a comfortably tight fit over your knuckle, start bigger than you need. Perhaps try them on both morning and night too as your fingers can swell at different times in the day. Also, take note if it is a particularly hot or cold day as your fingers will be bigger or smaller than normal. If you are in-between two sizes we can make it half way in-between for you. Simply choose the half size in-between the two sizes when you come to order the ring, for example halfway in-between L and M would be L 1/2.


The mandrel is to measure a ring that you may already have that fits perfectly. Simply slide the ring on the mandrel and take the measurement of the line on the mandrel which is in line with the middle of the ring. Half sizes are an option as well as whole sizes.