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How do I work out Finger Size?

Accurately determining your finger size is essential when purchasing a ring; a ring that is too loose may fall off, and one that is too tight will be uncomfortable to wear. Bear in mind the seasons, do your fingers swell in the summer and shrink in the winter? Or, do your fingers change on more of a daily basis, swelling overnight so that they are larger in the morning? It's a good idea to measure your finger size a few times throughout the day to ensure accuracy.

If you would like to double check the finger size you need for the ring I sell a ring sizer and mandrel set that will help you.

Using the rings try them on the chosen finger making sure that it is a comfortably tight fit over your knuckle, you should have to wiggle it over your knuckle a little. Always start with a size bigger than you think you need, if you start with one too small you will aggravate your finger and make it swell.

The mandrel is to measure a ring that you may already have that fits perfectly. Simply slide the ring on the mandrel and take the measurement of the line on the mandrel which is in line with the middle of the ring. If you are in-between two sizes we can make it half way in-between for you.

If the ring is a surprise and you are unsure exactly what finger size to go for, I would suggest going for the bigger size that you have in mind. Then at least you know it will fit and your (very excited!) recipient can wear it whilst we arrange for it to be resized.

If it is not a surprise, it's always best to get a professional fitting when purchasing a ring, especially for important occasions like engagements or weddings. A professional jeweller will have the tools, experience and knowledge to determine your finger size accurately and ensure that the ring fits you or your loved one perfectly, especially on your big day!

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