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What are the different types of engagement rings?

Choosing an engagement ring can be a little overwhelming, there are so many different options to choose from. I am going to explain to you the three main styles of engagement rings that you can then build upon. These ones pictured are from my customisable Made-to-Order collection and can be tweaked to suit you, I can help guide you with how to modify them. You can have any gemstone or metal of your choice with any of these designs described.


A solitaire engagement ring has one gemstone that sits proudly by itself sparkling away. The band can either be plain or have some small diamonds pavé set in it. This is a very popular choice and looks great sat next to a diamond set wedding band.


Engagement Ring




A halo design is where there is a row of small stones around a larger stone, typically the small stones are diamonds. The row of added diamonds really makes the centre stone pop! I personally love this look, there are some really beautiful little design flares that can be included to make it truly unique, including two rows of diamonds rather the one or another shape as well as round diamonds.


Engagement Ring



Three Stone

A three stone ring has three main gemstones set in it. Typically, the middle one is slightly larger than the outer two. This can be a really fun way of including two different shapes and colours. The different combinations of shapes you can use is almost endless, but of course you can have all three the same if you wish! I would suggest starting with the central shape and then I show you shapes that will work well with it. Diamonds compliment any colour, so you can either have a central diamond and coloured stones flanking it or vice versa.

This design concept can be built upon with a five stone or even a seven stone ring!


Engagement Ring



Extra Design Features

Diamond set shoulders

Any of these designs above can have diamond set shoulders. The shoulders are the part on the ring that marries the band to the setting. The shoulders can be parallel with the same size diamonds the whole way along them, or tapering with the diamonds getting smaller as they get closer to the setting.


Engagement Ring



Three wire band

This is one of my favourite ways to really elevate an engagement ring to another level of vintage inspiration. The band is made up of three wires soldered together rather than one piece of metal. It is a lovely dainty look and will really make your ring unique.


Engagement Ring



Mixed metals

Another way to add a little twist on the design is to use two different metals. For example, platinum which is silver in colour for a setting on a sparkly white diamond, and then buttery yellow gold for the band. Again, this works with any of the designs I have explained to you, and I can alter any metal used to make any of the designs in my Made-to-Order collection.


Engagement Ring



Hopefully you feel more confident in your choice of engagement ring now, if you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. I will guide you through the whole process of choosing the gemstones and design, before your ring is made you will receive a very life like CAD drawing to approve, and we can keep on tweaking it until it is perfect for you, you can read more about the whole process here. If you would like to have a design consultation with me to discuss your ring, my workshop is based in Kent, or we can meet in Hatton Garden, London, or online on Zoom.

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