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What is the best metal for a bespoke engagement ring?

Choosing an engagement ring can feel a little overwhelming, the metal can be a good starting point to help you work out the rest of the design and choice of gemstone. My bespoke guide also has some helpful pointers for you to think about.

I handcraft engagement rings from 9ct and 18ct gold in yellow, white and rose, and platinum. These are the main metals suitable for everyday wear and that will look beautiful for your bespoke ring.

9ct rose and yellow gold are a slightly different colour to 18ct gold, the higher the carat of gold, the richer the colour is. 18ct gold is more hardwearing than 9ct gold, so I would suggest 18ct gold if possible in your budget.


If it is the colour silver you would like the options are platinum or 9ct and 18ct white gold. I would recommend platinum as the best choice out of the three of them. White gold is rhodium plated as naturally it has a grey/yellow tinge to it, the rhodium plating makes it a bright shiny silver colour, but this wears off over about 18 months and needs replating. Platinum is a lovely bright silver colour naturally and does not need any maintenance.


Engagement Ring



You don’t have to stick to one colour of metal either, mixing metals can create a really beautiful look. For example, having sparkly diamonds set in platinum and then the band in buttery yellow gold works really well, like this ring below from my pre-designed Made-to-Order engagement ring collection. You can change the metal in any of the designs in the collection as they are all customisable and handcrafted just for you.


Engagement Ring



If you have any more questions about what metal to choose for your bespoke engagement ring please contact me, you are also welcome to come along for a design consultation at my workshop in Kent, or we can meet in London’s Hatton Garden or online on Zoom.

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